Friday, 24 January 2014
It was morning, yet it seemed like night time,
as the darkness closed in on her world.
She opened her eyes to a world of black and white for all other colour had disappeared.
Alone, frightened and vulnerable.

She could hear a thumping noise in the background....thump,thump, thump.
It started to get louder......closer
Until she realised it was her heart beating faster, beating louder.

She sits up as a wave of heat travels over her body.
The adrenalin surging through her veins
Like a dam ready to burst it's levee banks.
And as the bank does burst and the water flows fast,
The tears rush down her cheeks.

Like a raging river looking for every crack, every escape,
The tears continue to fall,
Down every line in her face until there's no where else to go.

She tries to take solace and closes her eyes, knowing what's coming;
Breathe, she says quietly to herself, just breathe....
But those hands take her throat and squeeze tight
And the more she fights, the tighter they get.
Restricting her until she shakes, until she quivers, until fear takes over.
Then that all too familiar voice appears inside her mind;
'Let go.....just let go.'

It all seems too easy and there's some comfort in letting go;
And for a second, the fight is gone.....
Until she feels the calmness and softness of someone close by.
And the warm and gentle touch of a caring hand
'I'm here.....sssshhhhhhh, you're safe now'.

The force of those hands around her throat begin to loose their grip and the river becomes calmer as the water disperses.
The thumping sound becomes a slow and steady tap.
The rush of fear, the rush of failure and the flag of surrender start to diminish as she opens her eyes.....

She is surrounded by a sea of colour!
Colours she has never seen before.
They are bright and bold.
They are luminous and shining.
They are in the shape of the people who love her.
She is safe once again.

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