Friday, 11 July 2014

You could be training with me as many times as you like, for as little as $17 a week! How?
Through my PTi sessions! They are individually designed, written and recorded specifically for you. Or you can opt to have them emailed, instead of recorded
Uploaded to your smart phone, iPod or mp3 player, the sessions are at your finger tip when you next want to train. Too easy!
16 sessions over 16 weeks and you have them forever.
The cardio sessions are easily adaptable as your fitness increases over time, as options are given, so you'll always be able to use them.
So while I may not be standing right next to you, I'm speaking to you, encouraging you, motivating you and as many PTi clients will tell feels like I'm there with you.
There are 3 different packages to choose from, or you can design your own. Yep, it's that simple!

Here's what other PTi clients have said....

"With life as busy as it is these days having the PTi sessions on my phone & ready to go when I am, is a huge advantage. Along with picking the session that suits my mood. I don’t have to make sure everything else in life is fitting around a class timetable. With sessions being about 30mins they are easy to fit into my day & at the end of it I feel like I have accomplished something.
Honestly there are sessions where I have had to stop myself abusing Coll for the punishment being inflicted. Mainly the fact that she is not really there & I would look like a nut stops me."

"It's like Coll is standing there with me and I know if I cheat, she's got a knack of finding out and will only punish me more."

"I was a little dubious about PTi until Coll gave me a sample one to try and I was instantly hooked. I live in Queensland and Coll transports the sessions via DropBox and I upload them to my iPhone. I've never met her, but I can see her on each video session. She's evil in a caring way. Highly recommend PTi. It's challenging, affordable and I can have PT sessions whenever I want!"

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