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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wow!  Not a bad photo is it!  I took 10 days off last week to spend with family, friends and loved ones.  I didn't want to take a rest completely and wasn't overly worried about sleep ins.  The weather for the week was amazing.  Hot, dry and totally beach weather.  I would set my alarm for 5am and be out of the house, on the mountain bike by 5.30am.  Once I start riding, I don't want to stop!  So I 'allowed' myself 90mins maximum.  I had to be riding up my street by 7am.  Deadline set.  Water bottle - check.  Heart Rate Monitor - check.  Bike ready - check.  Sunnies - check.  Ipod - check.  Camera - check!

Off I set.  What an amazing time of day.  This photo was taken on Australia Day 2010.  This was a day to be grateful and realise how good life really is!  Not just because it was Australia Day, but because it was just a day where I felt damn good to be alive, well and happy!  As I rode around the different terrain of Coffs Harbour and watched the sunrise over the different beaches - this particular shot stopped me in my tracks.  (it was this shot where I also stacked it - but that's another story!)

When I'm riding or at the beach - I feel completely free.  I think, even when riding up the biggest hill, I am smiling.  I have no worries, just an endless road.  I have no troubles, just happy thoughts.  I have no stress, just the joy of riding. 

A wise person (she knows who she is) has a saying - 'take it easy'.  Now I won't say that the rides each morning were exactly easy, but they were totally fulfilling and fun.  So when you next feel the need to have some time out, log on to this blog, check out this amazing sunrise over Coffs Harbour and 'take it easy'!

Enjoy.  Life's too short - make it good!


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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Club Diva Memberships are going strong and we're only into our third week! 

Club Diva isn't just about training - unless that's all you want.

Club Diva has been designed to reach and benefit all women, not just the women of Coffs Harbour.  That's why we have more than one membership option.

Welcome to our Diva's who are outside of the Coffs Harbour area and have joined our Club.  Although you don't get to enjoy training with the beautiful Coffs sunrise (like the photo I took last week pictured above), I hope the information and future interviews and CD's that will come to you will inspire you to do something and then join us at out first Health Retreat in Coffs Harbour.

To our Diva's that have turned up for the first couple of weeks to training.......isn't it fun!  Like I said, you will be shown and you will learn.  You will do your exercises more effectively and therefore, results will come sooner because you are doing it right!  I hope you all continue to be commited to a healthy and fitter future for yourself and also continue that time away in the mornings as it sets you up for the whole day!

Our Diva Health Retreat is still in the planning and we are awaiting confirmation on the final date and our special guest for the weekend (watch this space).  We have some fun outdoor activities planned and our Pilates instructor is amazing!

If you are more interested in our Club Diva, go to 'The Club' page on this website and we can start your membership now!


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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Collateral Consultancy welcomes a new member to the team.  Pandora College is our amazing Nutritionist.  Pandy is unlike any other nutritionist or dietician I have ever known.  She promotes her healthy eating habits through real, fresh, vegetarian and organic foods.  She is always in her kitchen coming up with her own healthy recipes that would tempt any taste buds. 

Pandy is a PT client of mine and we have become very good friends.  We have many conversations about food (my favourite topic) and she has even helped me with my own food choices. 

Pandy has started to feature in our monthly newsletter and I am excited to announce that she will also be a part of our Diva Health Retreats with our menu plans for lunch and dinner (yum). 

So welcome Pandy to the Collateral Team. 

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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

It's the 1st January.  You wake up (some with a bigger hangover than others).  Telling yourself that you will never drink that much again, will eat better, exercise more (or actually start) and become a healthier person!  SO DO IT!

The main problem people make with their resolutions and goal setting is that they make massive changes in one hit without bringing in their healthier choices gradually. 

So let's be realistic.  I like a cold beer on a hot summer day as much as the next person.  But I don't need 6 or 7 beers to realise that a cold beer is enjoyable and I don't need to have them every flippin day! 

If you have a sweet or savoury tooth, you don't need to eat a whole camembert cheese and packet of rice crackers to realise how yummy it is.  You don't need to buy the biggest packet of Maltesers to realise that it's not until the last one is consumed that they are your favourite chocolate!

Make your resolutions for 2010 realistic ones.  Life is here to enjoy.  You can enjoy the 'treats' you want to enjoy without going overboard and becoming unhealthier.  Keep it real and keep it realistic. 

Small changes introduced weekly or fortnightly, rather than going cold turkey on all the stuff you love and then exercising like a maniac and getting injured.  Your body will respond in a much more positive way if you do it the right way, rather than the fast way!

If you get stuck, then you need us!


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