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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Our Friday morning 'Diva' training session is a part of the week that I look forward to.  A group of like-minded women wanting to become healthier and fitter from the inside out.  Their ages range from early 20's to 50's.  Their fitness has grown from week to week. However it's the new found inner strength, the absolute determination that's there each week and the friendships that have been formed, that make it such an enjoyable hour.

This story is about one of our Diva's - Judy.  Five years ago Judy weighed 90.3kg. Today, Judy weighs just 66.3kg after alot of hard work, determination and self belief.  As Judy states in the current issue (June 2010) of Weight Watchers magazine she had to take control of her life again and clear out the 'junk'.

Judy is now in training for a half marathon.  She runs up a well-loved hill here in Coffs called 'Muttonbird' and not just once either. This morning she did it twice! She works her butt off week in, week out and she is on fire!  I mean, check out her guns in the photo above!  This woman is hot! Judy is 55yrs and has the energy of women more than half her age.

While Judy knows that she needs to maintain her health and fitness for the rest of her life, she says her life now no longer has a 'use by date'.  You can read Judy's full story in the current issued of Weight Watchers magazine (June 2010).

If you are reading this article and you are in a situation like Judy was five years ago, take the initial step you need to.  The first step you take maybe the most difficult, but it will be the first of many more as you begin the growth and change into being 'infected with life.'  It's a rush!  Go Judy!

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

One of the great things about my 'job' is that I get to do what I love all day and in return, get to motivate, inspire and train people to reach their goals with their health and fitness - and that's just the start.

However, there are many times when I am training people that I get a little rush of goosebumps, a little emotional and am overcome with pride for my was one of those days.

12noon sharp Tuesday and Thursday - Pete the Plumber (as he is affectionally known) comes marching in, training bag in hand (a tough bag, not a satchel - refer to the movie 'The Hangover' for more information!) and ready to go.  For the next 60mins he works his arse off and has been for nearly two years!

I remember his first one-on-one session.  His stress levels were extremely high from running his own business, he was time poor, strength and fitness average and he was rather apprehensive about his first session!

Man, alot has changed since then.

Our sessions are tough - but fair.  Pete is a natural comic so we always share a laugh and his stress levels have dropped immensley.  What was an effort initially to commit to, is now automatically built into his life 3 times a week.  Two one-on-one sessions and one group session.

Today was going to be another fun session.  I could tell he was feeling pretty good as he waltzed in for the workout and immediately had a chuckle to myself and thought 'game on'!  For the next hour every exercise he did, we increased his weights like he was training for a competition (Tradies Challenge perhaps!)

The more I loaded the weights up - the more determined he got.  The weights were stacking up, the facial expressions were priceless and he was on fire!  He was relatively well behaved today too, but as usual, entertaining! 

These are the moments, as a trainer, where I am filled with inspiration and admiration.  I love it!  To see someone working so freaking hard and knowing that their life has changed as a result, for the better, is indescribable. 

Thank you Pete, for inspiring me.  You are a champion. 



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