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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Welcome Jenna!

Collateral Consultancy wants to officially welcome Jenna Ferreira to the team! You could say that her initiation was our Commando's Coffs Harbour Challenge - which she passed with flying colours! This photo was 'pre challenge' where Jenna's nerves were high, but I had belief in her as a trainer and knew that she would make me proud.

When I'm looking to bring on a new employee, I don't just accept anyone with the right qualifications. Wow, it's so much more than that! You can have all the knowledge, experience and expertise in the world, but if you're not real, people won't relate. How many brilliant sportsmen and women are out there that totally suck as coaches! If your not genuine and likeable, you won't make it. The training and theory aspect is easy, it's what happens after that that makes the difference to me and I know will make the more important difference to the clients we have.

We also have to have that Collateral Connection. Not just as trainers, as people. It's the same as our clients. If we don't connect with our clients, it won't work. If we don't connect with our trainers, it won't work either. We are dealing with changing people's lives every day, so it shouldn't be taken lightly or for granted.

My trainers want to learn, they want to grow and they want to make a difference. They also have to have that special 'something' that I believe it takes to make that difference to people's lives. I knew Jenna had it when I met her - it was just letting her bring it out when she was ready!

Want, believe, move, become, live...get infected with life. Jenna has the infection that we give at Collateral and it's contagious so look out!

Welcome again Jenna! You rock!

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wow! What a day! For the 32 people who participated in this awesome session - well done to you all.

The crew that travelled from North and South to be a part of this great challenge - we hope you took home with you the energy that was put in to the session and managed to drive home still as pumped as you were when the session finished (although covered in sand)!

I was extremely proud of you all and thank my trainer, Jenna, for helping out on the day to keep you all motivated, get stuck into it herself and be inspired by one amazing man.

The cuts, bruises and grazes we suffered as part of the 2 hours was, I'm sure you will agree, well worth it!

From a very nervous, quiet group at the start to hearing you join in my 'Commando Song' as we headed up to the beach to complete the session full of energy, enthusiasm and sheer determination is what gives me goosebumps as a trainer.

You were challenged physically and mentally, but your attitude is what got you through. Your team spirit and positivity is what came through and you were a great group of people and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Commando Steve gave us all something to take away with us from that session.....what that is, is different for each and everyone of us. But whatever it is - use it. Use it to keep you motivated, keep you driven and keep you determined to set the different goals in your life and go and get them.

As we say at Collateral - "Get Infected With Life!" - and we are certain that from 11am-1pm on Saturday 14th August 2010 - we saw that amazing infection in all of you.

Until next time - train hard, train smart, live life!

Coll Mieni

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