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Saturday, 25 September 2010

I was having one of my usual sessions last week with a client. In conversation she asked me if her husband (who I also train) had told me what they got up to on the weekend. Hmmmm, I'm thinking to myself "Do I really want to know!"

Hesitantly, I said, "Um, no. Do I want to know?" She laughed and proceeded to tell me that they took the kids to the park and had a game of football together. 

You may think that this is the 'norm' for families to do. But what you don't know is that this is the first time they, as a family, played together without one of them getting puffed and having to sit out and watch.

An uneven game of footy it was apparently, as the two young sons and dad ganged up and played against mum! What is really cool though is the enjoyment I saw on my client's face and how proud she was of her hubby.

You can't buy this happiness, but you can share it. It showed me that firstly the work they were doing in their sessions was working and that made me happy. But what made me really happy was that they were doing things together as a family as a result of making healthier choices in their life. This will not just help them, but their children as well.

These are cool moments as a trainer. I'm sure the kids had a ball, I know the parents did and were ready to do it again the following weekend.

We all have goals in life that we want to reach. No goal is too small or too big. If one of your goals is to simply be able to play in the park with your kids without getting too buggered - then you've won me.

Until next time....go and 'get infected with life.'



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