A one day course for Personal Trainers to build a toolbox that will increase productivity, profit and create the positive change that their business may need.

The course is for small groups and is a fun, interactive and productive workshop to ensure you leave with the tools necessary to work smarter, more efficiently and gain loads of tips from someone with over 28 years experience.

Contact us for further information or to register a course at your club/studio by phoning 0409713394 or email

You need our Corporate Coaching if you:-

  • need to reduce sick leave
  • need to improve workplace relationships
  • improve staff morale
  • improve productivity
  • reduce workplace injuries
  • reduce amount of staff turnover
  • need to reduce levels of stress
  • want your team to have some fun!


 Corporate Health & Wellness 

.....Come with an open mind; the will to be inspired and the vision to make the change.......

The great thing about having a coach for your business and your team is that they look from the outside in.  The even greater thing about having a Collateral Consultancy coach for your business is that we look from the outside in and then, with you and your team's involvement, start improving your business from the inside out.

1.  Keynote Speaking: find out why more and more companies are utilising the services of Corporate Health Coach Colleen Mieni.  Entertaining, educational and empowering are just a few words used to describe her approach and delivery for companies to improve their team work, reduce stress management, 'de-clutter' their life and find that work-life balance that we all seem to struggle to achieve.

2.  Corporate 'Fun': we can come to you, or you can come to us.  Whether it's an hour, a half day or a full day the focus for your team is FUN, FUN and did we mention FUN?!  A variety of activities that are designed around your requirements and guaranteed to have your team puffing, exhilarated and naturally - laughing!  The best way to build staff morale, get your team understanding more about each other, which in turn helps them to work better together and return to work with a fresh, new and more positive attitude toward their work and each other.  Choose from trivia nights to boot camp, fun games to finding the boxer within - whatever you choose, we guarantee you and your team will have a hell of a time! 

Collateral Proof

Want proof?  Follow the link and read about some of our clients who have caught the Collateral Infection
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