A one day course for Personal Trainers to build a toolbox that will increase productivity, profit and create the positive change that their business may need.

The course is for small groups and is a fun, interactive and productive workshop to ensure you leave with the tools necessary to work smarter, more efficiently and gain loads of tips from someone with over 28 years experience.

Contact us for further information or to register a course at your club/studio by phoning 0409713394 or email

 Outdoor Group Training 

Beach Boot Camp

Every Saturday morning at 7am, for 1 hour, men and women are invited to come down and get back to basics with training!

Wear your oldest training gear, oldest training shoes, slip/slop/slap, bring a towel and water bottle and you're set to go!

Held at Jetty Beach, this outdoor training group is based on challenges to get you out of your comfort zone, but guarantee a smile. Team challenges based on fun, yet with a sadistic twist!

No matter what your fitness level is, you'll fit right in. For any age from 16 up you are welcome. No matter what challenge is thrown at you, there will be levels to suit the beginner up to the advanced.

Minimal equipment, maximum fun. Meet new people, make new friends and just have a laugh while you get fit.

Time to mix up your training and at just $10pp, it's not going to break your weekly budget.

So 'suck it up' and come on down. Will we see you this Saturday?

For further details contact me, colleen or phone 0409 713394.

Club Diva!

This isn't boot camp.  This isn't a training session like any other group session you will do or have ever done.  This is more........You won't be told what to do, you will be shown.  You will learn.  You will be motivated.  You will be inspired.  You will enjoy.  You will have fun.  You will meet new people.  You will make new friends.  You want an experienced trainer?  Your Head Diva has been in the industry for over 23 years and is loving it more and more every day.

This is unique.  This is for YOU.


For more information on Club Diva go to The Club and start your membership today


Collateral Proof

Want proof?  Follow the link and read about some of our clients who have caught the Collateral Infection
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