A one day course for Personal Trainers to build a toolbox that will increase productivity, profit and create the positive change that their business may need.

The course is for small groups and is a fun, interactive and productive workshop to ensure you leave with the tools necessary to work smarter, more efficiently and gain loads of tips from someone with over 28 years experience.

Contact us for further information or to register a course at your club/studio by phoning 0409713394 or email

Colleen is amazing!

I got married recently and like everyone, wanted to look as fabulous as possible. Coll got me into the best shape I had been in years. Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally I felt great. Coll's nutritional advice ensured I could maintain high energy levels and also helped in keeping my skin clear and fresh for the big day. My PT sessions were completely individualised and focused on the goals I wanted to achieve. Thankyou Coll, again, you are amazing!  Jessica

Leanne Perucci's fairytale......


I first started training with Coll about 8months prior to my wedding.  I was never much into exercise, but had started regularly going to the gym and doing - what I though was the right thing - but not really achieving any goals (hence I wasn't doing the right thing!)


Besides the obvious benefits, training with Coll makes it fun and she makes it hers and your purpose that you are reaching your goals.  I am now completely addicted and can't miss a session.  I feel completely energized and at 42 years of age, am the fittest I have ever been.


So the result for my final wedding dress fitting......3 inches of dress to be taken in!


Support and Encouragement

When I first started out my goal was like most others, to get fit and simply enjoy life and the body I was given.  I decided that I needed motivation and support and also someone who would push me to my absolute limits without letting me 'chicken out'. I have a habit of starting out with the right intentions but when it all gets too hard I wipe my hands and walk away. Ideally, I needed someone who would give me a swift kick up the butt and pull me back into line.  Yep, that person was Coll!   

I have been training for only a short time and my fitness level has certainly increased from week to week. I won't deny it, it's been hard and a challenge, but knowing that I have her support and encouragement, that's what brings me back each week.   

There's also something else you should know about this tough little nut; she's human, and she can relate to the many other hurdles of life that we all have to face from time to time.  Michelle

 Personal Training & Fitness Coaching 

One-on-One Training

Have you ever been struck by the infection of Collateral Consultancy's Personal Training?  Don't you want to reach your goals faster, enjoying your training more,  stay on top of your nutrition and step out of doing the same routine every day?

One-on-one training is more than that - it's more like one-on-one coaching.  You will be coached on how to exercise more efficiently and effectively; you will be coached on how to challenge yourself more when your trainer is not there with you; you will be coached on how to become more accountable to yourself; you will be coached on better nutrition; you will be coached on when and how to take those needed rest periods; you will be coached on feeling better, not just looking better; you will be coached on how to make the most out of each and every day!

Physically demanding, mentally challenging, emotionally fulfilling and it's all about you!



Bride-to-Be PT

Every bride wants to captivate their husband-to-be, their family and their guests on this memorable day.

So when you walk down that aisle with your head held high, knowing how 'hot' you look (and knowing how hard you've worked to get there) you will be glad you came to us and invested in your health, fitness and future. 

These changes you make leading up to your wedding day will stay with you forever, providing you stick to your goal setting, look after yourself and don't for a minute think that because you are now 'hitched' that you can sit on the lounge and let it all go!!!!!!

We won't just help you physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.  Reduce your stress levels, feel better, look better, eat better and look forward to a magical day.



Collateral Proof

Want proof?  Follow the link and read about some of our clients who have caught the Collateral Infection
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