A one day course for Personal Trainers to build a toolbox that will increase productivity, profit and create the positive change that their business may need.

The course is for small groups and is a fun, interactive and productive workshop to ensure you leave with the tools necessary to work smarter, more efficiently and gain loads of tips from someone with over 28 years experience.

Contact us for further information or to register a course at your club/studio by phoning 0409713394 or email

Get Infected With Life!
This is a book I put together that becomes your journal. This journal will hopefully inspire that special someone to be grateful for each and every day. To become more positive as they reflect on their day and live a more positive life.

$27 (incl. p&h)

1. Black 'Suck It Up' singlet with White Print
Women's sizes XS - XL
Men's sizes S-XL

2. Black 'Suck it Up' Singlet with Yellow Print
Women's sizes XS - XL

3. Black 'Sweat' Singlet with White Print
Women's Sizes XS - XL

4. Red 'Sweat' Singlet with White Print
Women's Sizes XL - XL

5. Pink 'Strong' Singlet with White Print
Women's Sizes XS - XL

All are $27 incl p&h

We all need some inspiration in life, why not be inspired to better health and wellness and watch the impact it has on your life.  Featuring a chapter from Colleen, where she will share some of her own stories showing you why your overall health is important to her.  What her opinions and beliefs are on health and fitness including nutrition, exercise and overall wellness. You should also read this book if:-

  • you need to lose weight but are uninspired to start
  • want to increase your energy
  • are uncertain about what to eat
  • not sure where to go to for some healthy advice
  • need to take your health and wellness to the next level
  • feeling depressed about your current state of health
  • want hints and tips from leading Personal Trainers
  • you are a Personal Trainer that needs some inspiration and motivation to go to the next level in your business
Price = $35 incl p&h


For our Mum's at home who think they don't have time to exercise.  For our Mum's who want to exercise but aren't sure how to get started.  For our busy working Mum's who are time poor and would rather work out at home rather than go to the gym.  This Ebook is for you.  This has been made by us for you.  The exercises are varied for different levels of strength and fitness.  The Fitball will become your new best friend and you will love it!  So if you want to get your 'mojo' back, come with us and become a Domestic Goddess!

Bronze Goddess Pack - Ebook for $25

Silver Goddess Pack - Ebook, Fitball, Set of Dumbbells for $100 incl postage and handling

Gold Goddess Pack - Ebook, Fitball, Dumbbells, 12 week Training Program, Nutritional Analysis and 60min Online Coaching Session $350
What is stress?  What happens to our body when we are stressed?  What are the causes of work related stress?  What are the signs and health effects of stress?  Are there solutions?  Yes!  This Ebook will show you that by changing your thinking, behaviour and lifestyle - your stress levels can be reduced or even resolved and you will learn to enjoy your life more!

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