A one day course for Personal Trainers to build a toolbox that will increase productivity, profit and create the positive change that their business may need.

The course is for small groups and is a fun, interactive and productive workshop to ensure you leave with the tools necessary to work smarter, more efficiently and gain loads of tips from someone with over 28 years experience.

Contact us for further information or to register a course at your club/studio by phoning 0409713394 or email

Get Infected With Life!

Whether it's private coaching or personal training; focusing on a better business and team through our Corporate Health Programs; Women Learning, Playing and Living in our Club Diva program; or getting together with a group of like-minded people and having some fun in our Outdoor Group Training, all you have to do is to WANT IT , BELIEVE IT, MOVE IT, BECOME IT and as a result you will be Infected With Life!

What do we specialise in?  YOU!

What's the one thing missing in your life?  US!

Our philosophy?                         "Get Infected With Life!'

It cannot be explained in one line, or even one article, however it will become the tools you will use as we work through each part of your life, step by step.  In order for you to be truly living, you will be guided, motivated, inspired and enouraged to work through different stages until you reach the infection of life that has been missing until now.

It sets us apart from everyone else.  It makes us unique.  Do you want to be 'Infected With Life!' Contact us now.


Ladies L.I.F.E (Love, Inspire, Friendship, Empower) Day is a day for Women to Empower Women. The event is held to support the Assist A Sista Organisation, is a community-based volunteer organization that works to help survivors of domestic violence to rebuild and repair by bringing hope and restoring faith. Their goal is to "bring awareness to the epidemic that is Domestic Violence through education and action. We WILL make a positive difference; one family at a time."

The day will involve Yoga, 'Empower Hour', Raffles, Games, Cooking & Nutrition Demonstration, Outdoor 'Fun' Session and lots and lots of laughter!

Contact Colleen Longstaff, Collateral Consultancy, for more information on 0409713394

'Get Infected With Life!'

Collateral Proof

Want proof?  Follow the link and read about some of our clients who have caught the Collateral Infection
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